Covid-19 Notice

My Mito Mission began when the family and friends of one young adult with mitochondrial disease – mito for short – wanted to help find a cure. They felt having a personal ‘mission’ centred on their loved-one, to which other family and friends could instantly relate, would be the most effective by far. Just as importantly, they wanted to enable everyone with mito to do the same. People often go the extra mile for those they know. Having individual missions under one umbrella captures all this extra motivation and brings it all together.

No individual mission will be too large or small. If just one person gets to know about mito or just one pound is raised through a personal mission, then that mission has made a difference.

Individually and together we can increase awareness, funds for research, information and support and above all hope for everyone affected by mito … staying strong with a bit of help from our friends.

Please join us to help find a cure for
mitochondrial disease