More About My Mito Mission

Our Mission Statement

To enable individuals with mitochondrial disease to be at the heart of their own personal mission under one collective banner. To empower them along with their families, friends and communities to increase awareness, funds for research, support and information and above all hope for a cure for everyone with mitochondrial disease.

Aren’t There Already Charities for Mito Out There?

Yes, there are some excellent existing charities in the UK and worldwide with similar aims (see Information and Support).

My Mito Mission aims to complement, not compete with their work and to financially support some of them through our grant funding. We hope to work closely with them to ensure we maximise all our efforts.

So Why ‘My Mito Mission’ Too?

We feel we can add value. People often go the extra mile for someone they are connected to in some way. By enabling each individual with mito to be at the forefront of their own mission, we maximise on that collective extra energy. By doing it under one banner, we also gain strength in numbers and mutual support.

My Mito Mission also helps those with mitochondrial disease – and the people connected to them – bring something positive from their own stories, empowering them in a situation which can often feel powerless. Each individual mission stands as a legacy to a special person and collectively they show the vast range of mito and those it affects.

Who’s behind My Mito Mission?

The trustees are the family and friends of Emma Beal, who had mitochondrial disease. We all, live in the UK.

When we decided to help find a cure, we felt that having a personal mission centred on Emma which family and friends could really relate to would be by far the most effective. We also wanted to make it easy for anyone else with mito to do likewise.

Where Will the Funds Go?

The majority of funds will go to research towards finding a cure for mitochondrial disease. We also aim to improve the information and support available to those with mito and their families.