Start Your Own Mito Mission

Start Your Own Mission

If you have mito, or suspected* mito you can start your own mission if you wish. You can also start one for someone else (with their permission), or for your child, or as a tribute to someone who’s sadly passed away. 

No mission is too big or too small … because together we can make a massive difference. If just one more person gets to know about mito or if just £1 is raised through your mission then you’ve made a personal difference.

What’s a Mito Mission?
An easy way to raise awareness and understanding amongst your family, friends and community, along with funds for research and support. We provide FREE personalised logo, leaflets, collecting cans, webpage, online fundraising page, merchandise etc, all featuring your (or your child’s) name, story and photos. You become part of a network of missions, all under one umbrella.

How would I do it?
Whether it’s just giving out a few leaflets, or running some events, over a few weeks or indefinitely … it’s up to you what you do. We have lots of help and support to get you going.

Where will the funds raised go?
Any money raised by individual missions goes to one central fund. It will then be granted to research and to projects supporting those with mito.

How do I find out more, or get going with my Mission?
Simply get in touch by calling Christine on 01484 719250 or fill out our contact form. 

Individually making a local impact.
Together making a national difference.


* under investigation for mito by medical specialist/s