Start Your Own Mito Mission

Start Your Own Mission

If you have mito, or suspected mito you can start your own mission. You can also start one for someone else (with their permission), or if it’s for your child.

Simply get in touch using our contact form and we’ll send details of what we need to get you started such as photos, your story etc.

Once you’ve sent them you’ll receive back a personalised logo, leaflet and sponsor form like these for you to print and go! We will also set up a dedicated page for you on the website like this one and a dedicated online fundraising page like this. Plus we’ll send tips on what you can do to raise as much awareness, funds and support amongst your family, friends and community as possible.

You’ll also find out how you can apply for one of our ‘booster packs’ of personalised collecting boxes and professionally printed leaflets.

Remember, no mission is too big or too small … because together we can make a massive difference. If just one more person gets to know about mito or if just £1 is raised through your mission then you’ve made a personal difference.